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• 6/8/2014

Rules of Engagement Wiki HELP!

Hello, I am looking for a little help, I recently became interested in revamping the Rules of Engagement Wiki . The wiki is kind of sad at the moment, the show is hilarious and deserves a good wiki, so the show can grow its fanbase, even though the show ended not too long ago. Rules of Engagement is a hilarious show, I am going to re-watch the show gather and comprehend information for episodes, seasons, and characters. I am not the owner of the wiki by the way, the wiki does not really have any admins as well. So I am looking for on making the Rules of Engagement Wiki awesome! If you are a fan or interested please message me!
I would also like to help The Millers Wiki, as the show is one my new favorite shows on TV!
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• 3/13/2014


The new comedy was announced a renewal earlier today by CBS along with 17 other shows. Looks like we wont be saying goodbye to Nathan and Carol any time soon!!!
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