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October 3, 2013 - May 15, 2014

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Season 1 of The Millers first aired on October 3, 2013.


Nathan and Debbie's parents Tom and Carol Miller are returning from Myrtle Beach and Nathan informs them he has divorced his wife, Janice. Tom responds by deciding to leave Carol after being married for forty-three years. Tom moves in with Debbie and Adam while Carol moves in with Nathan, each driving their children crazy.

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Image Title Airdate # Summary
1.1 Pilot October 3, 2013 1.1 Siblings Nathan and Debbie are upset when their parents announce they're divorcing after 43 years of marriage. But there's more: their intrusive mother Carol announces that she's moving in with Nathan, while their easily-distracted father Tom is moving in with Debbie.
1.2 Plot Twists October 10, 2013 1.2 Due to her and Nathan's divorces, Carol calls a meeting to discuss rearranging the family's cemetery plots she had pre-purchased. This forces a reluctant Nathan to contact his ex, Janice
1.3 The Phone Upgrade October 17, 2013 1.3 Fed up with Tom's forgetfulness, Debbie complains to Nathan, who then helps his father by giving him a modern smartphone and programming in audio reminders. Nathan brags that he's "fixed" Tom, but soon realizes that Dad is still Dad. 
1.4 The Mother Is In October 24, 2013 1.4 After Carol learns that Nathan has been going to therapy, she books an appointment with the same psychologist so that she can sneak a peek at what Nathan has been saying about her.
1.5 Giving the Bird October 31, 2013 1.5 On Halloween, Nathan, Debbie, and Adam take Mikayla trick-or-treating to the house of an old woman suspected by the neighborhood of being a witch. Nathan and Debbie also find out that Carol lied about what really happened to their pet parrot when they were kids.
1.6 Stuff November 7, 2013 1.6 Nathan and Debbie encourage Carol and Tom to go through their still-unpacked boxes after discovering many family momentos in them, hoping that their parents will feel nostalgic and get back together.
1.7 The Talk November 14, 2013 1.7 When Nathan brings home his first date since his mother became his roommate, Carol realizes that Tom never had "the talk" with Nathan about the birds and the bees, and insists it's not too late to gather the family for a belated discussion.
1.8 Internet Dating November 21, 2013 1.8 Nathan and Ray set up a profile for Carol on an internet dating site. They become so enamored with one of her potential suitors, they start conversing with him directly, pretending to be Carol.
1.9 You're In Trouble December 5, 2013 1.9 When Nathan learns why Debbie is Tom's favorite, he decides to reveal some of Debbie's childhood secrets to their parents--but Debbie turns the tables.
1.10 Carol's Parents are Coming to Town December 12, 2013 1.10 Carol's parents decide to visit for Christmas, so the family must pretend that Carol and Tom are still married, as are Nathan and Janice; also, Carol and Tom are living with Debbie because Adam is in rehab. When the lies get out of control, Carol's dad has a shock for his wife. Meanwhile, Ray warns Nathan that Janice might be "Christmas horny."
1.11 Dear Diary January 2, 2014 1.11 After becoming suspicious that Carol and Nathan are reading her diary, Debbie (with help from Adam) plants a fake entry in it to catch them in the act.
1.12 Miller's Mind January 9, 2014 1.12 Nathan shares one of Carol's rants with co-workers as a joke, but his boss decides he wants to put the rant on the air. It is so well-received, the station makes it a regular feature, forcing Nathan to try and keep Carol riled up for new material. Meanwhile, Adam is afraid to accompany Mikayla at her school's father-daughter dance.
1.13 Driving Miss Crazy January 30, 2014 1.13 Nathan tells Carol he's tired of constantly having to drive her around town, forcing her to ask Adam. When she and Adam begin to bond, however, Nathan gets jealous.
1.14 Carol's Surprise February 6, 2014 1.14 After the gang discusses how Carol always figures out their surprise party plans, they agree to "no surprises" for her upcoming birthday. Nathan then gets Debbie, Adam, Tom and Ray all involved in an elaborate, complex surprise scenario, but it's just a ruse for the "real" surprise because he knows they will all leak information to Carol.
1.15 You Betcha February 27, 2014 1.15 Nathan wants to spend more time with Tom, but the two soon realize they have little in common. Ray reveals he has a sports gambling problem, only after suckering Nathan and Tom into giving him money for his bet on an international soccer match. Elsewhere, while babysitting Mikayla, Carol accidentally serves her the wrong lasagna -- one with meat in it. When Mikayla falls in love with the taste, the two try to keep the secret from Mikayla's vegan parents.
1.16 Bahama Mama March 6, 2014 1.16 Nathan and Ray have a trip to the tropics planned, but Ray gets a foot injury, leaving a reluctant Nathan to vacation alone, or so Nathan thinks. Debbie gets upset that Adam hasn't ever written her a love song, after seeing a videotape of a teenaged Adam singing a love song to a different girl.
1.17 Plus One March 13, 2014 1.17 Nathan has two tickets to a charity dinner where President Obama is speaking, and has a hard time deciding which family member to take, knowing the three left out will be angry. Ray has already declined because he once beat up "Barry" Obama after a pickup basketball game when he lived in Chicago.
1.18 Walk-n-Wave April 3, 2014 1.18 Worried that his mother has made him feel like he’s better than other people, Nathan befriends a hopeless co-worker, Doug, who turns out to be a social outcast and more than Nathan knows how to handle. Meanwhile, Tom and Adam argue about who’s smarter and take an online test to find out
1.19 Cancellation Fee April 10, 2014 1.19 Carol forgets a dentist appointment and fakes an injury to explain her tardiness when she finally arrives, but the receptionist hits her with a cancellation fee anyway. When the dentist, Dr. Sonya Vega, later has to postpone Carol's appointment, Carol demands her fee back. After the receptionist won't comply, Carol puts Dr. Vega on her growing boycott list. The only problem is that Nathan has made a date with Sonya.
1.20 Tomlandia April 24, 2014 1.20 Mikayla convinces Tom to tell his comic book-style story to his family, in which he is a superhero. Ray and Nathan pitch the idea to the station owner as a children's program featuring puppets of Tom's characters, but Nathan is less than thrilled when the owner wants him to play the "farmer" that will host the show. At the filming for the pilot episode, Tom explodes over major changes made to his precious characters.
1.21 0072 May 1, 2014 1.21 Tom announces that he wants to start dating again, and his family starts to seek out women they think might be his speed. On his own, however, Tom lands a considerably younger book store employee. Convinced the woman is a golddigger, Nathan investigates, only to discover that Tom has won over the woman with a mysterious cover identity.
1.22 Sex Ed Dolan May 8, 2014 1.22 To get out of a night "tomcatting" with his boss, Ed, Nathan has Tom turn on the charm and share some common interests. But that only leads to Ed sleeping with Carol. After one night, Ed becomes clingy and Carol tries to figure out a way to leave him without hurting Nathan's standing at work. Carol's family is more than ready to provide suggestions to make Ed leave her, which mostly involve Carol being herself.
1.23 Mother's Day May 15, 2014 1.23 Carol has the worst Mother’s Day ever when Nathan forgets to get her a present.

Developement and ProductionEdit

On January 18, 2013, CBS placed a pilot order, under the title Unauthorized Greg Garcia Pilot. The pilot was written by Greg Garcia and directed by James Burrows.

Casting announcements began in February 2013, with Will Arnett first cast in the lead role of Nathan Miller, a recently-divorced man whose life is complicated when his parents decide to move in with him. Arnett originally booked the role in second position to Up All Night, whose future was uncertain at the time. Margo Martindale was the next actor cast, in the series regular role of Carol Miller, Nathan's vibrant but meddlesome mother. J. B. Smoove then joined the series as Ray, Nathan's good friend and cameraman. Shortly after, Mary Elizabeth Ellis signed onto the role of Debbie, Nathan's happily-married sister. In early March, Beau Bridges joined the series as Tom Miller, Nathan's father, who moves in with Debbie. Michael Rapaport was the last actor to sign onto the series, in the role of Adam, Debbie's husband.

On May 10, 2013, CBS placed a series order, under the new title The Millers. Shortly after the series order, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Michael Rapaport exited the roles of Debbie and Adam. A couple months later, Jayma Mays and Nelson Franklin were cast in the two vacated roles.

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